Observation & Internships

The Center for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship (CBCD) is launching a brand-new counseling internship program. 

The internship provides counselors-in-training an amazing opportunity to be further equipped for counseling in the context of the local church.  The host church is Grace Bible Church in Granbury, Texas.  Grace is a certified training center with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and offers free counseling services to the community.

The internship has three phases: In phase one, students are paired with an experienced counselor to observe live counseling and to interact with the counselor about the case.  When ready, interns move on to phase two, where they participate in the planning and implementation of the counseling session as a co-counselor.  Finally, interns who are adequately equipped and prepared move on to serve as lead counselors.  In addition, all interns have opportunities to interact with counseling staff, attend meetings to discuss counseling principles and resources, and interact with a counseling supervisor.

The internships are three months in duration and are offered during three terms per year (spring, summer, and fall).  Once accepted, interns serve approximately a half-day each week, allowing flexibility for work, school and family responsivities.  Existing interns can extend their internship through additional terms if desired.

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For questions or for more information about the internship or observation opportunities please contact the Grace Bible Church at

(682-498-3014) or e-mail secretary@gbcgranbury.com