No doubt, there are many people who read biographies out of curiosity. With the release of a biography of some prominent historical figure, there are those who pick up the book off Amazon because they are fascinated by the individual and they want to know more. Why was this person the way he was? […]

  Pleasing God by Receiving from Him In Part 1 of this blog series on what it means to God, we saw that the first step toward pleasing God is to think of him as a mountain spring, and not as a watering trough. That is, the way to please God is not to do […]

  Hebrews 12 is perhaps the most well known passage related to God’s spiritual discipline of his children. Notice all the things that the writer of Hebrews says about God and discipline in that passage: God will reprove his people (vv. 5-6 [3x]). God loves the people he disciplines (v. 6a). His discipline may involve […]

  I have the privilege of training and supervising biblical counselors nearly every week. Working with those who disciple and minister as biblical counselors is a part of my pastoral role of “equipping the saints for the work of service” (Eph 4:15-16). It is one of my favorite parts of ministry. Like a coach working […]

  As biblical counselors and disciplers, we speak often about living like Christ and being transformed into the image of Christ and cultivating godliness. Those synonymous ideas all reflect the need for the believer to grow in sanctification. But we might also ask, “what does the righteous life look like? How will we know when […]

  Why doesn’t God immediately sanctify those he justifies? I like instant results, and I have been known to attempt to find an easy path to achievement. In college I accumulated an increasing collection of Cliff’s Notes that inevitably led to decreasing grades. I have vainly attempted to lose weight via the “sleep in, don’t […]