In this episode of Counsel the Word Keith Palmer talks with Keith Christensen about the importance of repentance in biblical counseling. The following questions are discussed:  What is biblical Repentance? Why is repentance important?  What does it mean to say that the normal christian life is a life of repentance? What does biblical repentance look […]

  Editor’s note: This post is Part 2 of 2 that look at David’s experience with biblical confession in Psalm 32. Part 1 lays out the blessings & consequences at stake for the sinner considering confession. Here in Part 2, we see how David highlights three further realities of confession: what makes confession genuine; God’s hope for […]

  Hebrews 12 is perhaps the most well known passage related to God’s spiritual discipline of his children. Notice all the things that the writer of Hebrews says about God and discipline in that passage: God will reprove his people (vv. 5-6 [3x]). God loves the people he disciplines (v. 6a). His discipline may involve […]

    Biblical counselors should be familiar with how the Bible addresses laziness. God speaks to the matter in Scripture, directly targeting the “idle,” “sluggard,” and “slothful.” Scripture addresses the issue in a host of other ways as well: through implication, by illustration in a narrative, in commending virtues like diligence and self-control, as it […]

    A Hypothetical Situation Imagine a situation where you are stranded on an island, and by all rights you should die there because the conditions are harsh; and although there exists a place where you could live without any troubles or fears, it is impossible to reach that place without dying in the effort […]

  One of the joys of being a new parent is learning just how to parent. I came across this little tidbit of wisdom the other day that I have found very helpful in understanding my son. It’s called, “Toddler’s Rules of Possession.” (I know you’ve seen this before, but it’s worth repeating). If I […]

  The biblical response to the gospel of Jesus Christ is repentance and faith. When the Bible exhorts men to lay hold of gospel grace, at times they’re told to believe (Acts 16:30-31, Jn 3:16, Rom 10:9, Eph 2:8-9, etc.), at other times to repent (Lk 24:45-47, Acts 2:38, 3:19, 17:30, 2 Cor 7:10, etc.), […]