As biblical counselors and disciplers, we speak often about living like Christ and being transformed into the image of Christ and cultivating godliness. Those synonymous ideas all reflect the need for the believer to grow in sanctification. But we might also ask, “what does the righteous life look like? How will we know when […]

  James 1:13–15 In The Odyssey, Homer tells of Odysseus’s long journey home after the Trojan War. At one point, Odysseus sails past an island in the Aegean Sea, where there are sirens (mythological bird-women) who lure sailors toward their island with their beautiful song. But the island is encircled with jagged rocks that destroy […]

  Joshua 7 recounts the story of how the Lord’s anger burned against Israel because of Achan’s sin (Josh 7:1). Achan took for himself some of the treasures of Jericho, which the Lord had expressly forbid his people from doing, demanding rather that all of it be wholly devoted to him (Josh 6:17-19). After the […]