Rejoicing over anxiety! By that I mean rejoicing trumps and displaces anxiety. Rejoicing is the Spirit’s remedy for the soul that struggles to be anxious for nothing. In writing from prison to the saints in Philippi, Paul interweaves a common theme of rejoicing throughout his letter to those experiencing anxiety and affliction. Here are […]

  One of the joys of being a new parent is learning just how to parent. I came across this little tidbit of wisdom the other day that I have found very helpful in understanding my son. It’s called, “Toddler’s Rules of Possession.” (I know you’ve seen this before, but it’s worth repeating). If I […]

  In seminary pastors learn many new skills. We learn how to study the Bible. We learn to read the Bible’s original languages and how to use them to more accurately study Scripture. We learn theology. We learn practical ministry skills — how to communicate the gospel clearly and accurately; how to administrate in a […]

    The Search for Relief People come to counseling because they want relief. The man whose life is being destroyed by his online gambling habit wants relief. The mother who worries that her efforts (and their results) are not good enough for God wants relief. The man whose demanding and ungodly boss is making […]

    A couple of years ago, my second son was learning to ride his bike without training wheels. As with many children, he was quite anxious about the prospect of losing his balance and crashing. With each new try, I would hold the back of his bike seat until he got going fast enough […]

  James 1:16–17 What are you thinking? Perhaps you’re thinking about some problem from the past week, which is festering like an open sore. Perhaps you’re thinking about a relationship that you hope will bring you the happiness you’ve been craving for years. Perhaps you’re thinking about your latest status update on Facebook or Twitter. […]

  In the past few years I have read half a dozen books on the topic of homosexuality and Christianity. I have read many more journal and magazine articles and blog posts. I have studied extensively for preaching on the topic in Romans 1, reading somewhere between 15-25 commentaries on the significant passages. I may […]

  One summer, when I was nine years old, my family was on vacation at the beach. One morning, during that vacation, stands out in my mind as a horrifying experience. My father had left early to play golf with friends when my mother, my siblings, and I heard a knock at the hotel door. […]

  Editor’s Note: This blog is the second of a two part series discussing how to fight Wanton, how to counsel others who are in the grasp of Wanton, and application points for the believer. Be sure you read the first post in this series.   A brief recap: In post one, we defined Wanton […]

  Editor’s Note: This blog is the first of a two part series discussing how to fight Wanton, how to counsel others who are in the grasp of Wanton, and application points for the believer.   WATCH OUT! Wanton wants to woo you from the path of purity to the brink of utter ruin (Prov […]