This is weekend 3 session 5 of track 1 of BCDC 2018 at Calvary Bible Church

  What is God like? When answering this question, most of us think in terms of his justice, power, mercy, wisdom, immutability, eternality, and sovereignty. But we rarely (if ever) think of his impartiality. Yet the Bible makes it clear that “God shows no partiality” (Rom 2:11). We see this truth wonderfully displayed in Jesus. […]

  “I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word” (Ps 119:16). What does it mean to forget God’s Word? We forget with our heads (notionally) when we no longer remember what we formerly knew. We forget with our hearts (affectively) when we’re no longer affected by what we know. Here, the […]

  James says that God “brought us forth by the word of truth” (v. 18). We were dead in our sin, but God caused us to be born again. He enabled us to see ourselves as we really are and to see Christ as he truly is. When we responded in faith, it was like […]

  James 1:18 In 2012, an elderly woman in the city of Borja, Spain, realized that a familiar fresco painted on one of the walls was looking a little faded. The fresco, Ecce Homo (“Behold the man”), was a rendition of Christ standing trial before Pontius Pilate. The woman took it upon herself to attempt […]

  James 1:16–17 What are you thinking? Perhaps you’re thinking about some problem from the past week, which is festering like an open sore. Perhaps you’re thinking about a relationship that you hope will bring you the happiness you’ve been craving for years. Perhaps you’re thinking about your latest status update on Facebook or Twitter. […]

  James 1:13–15 In The Odyssey, Homer tells of Odysseus’s long journey home after the Trojan War. At one point, Odysseus sails past an island in the Aegean Sea, where there are sirens (mythological bird-women) who lure sailors toward their island with their beautiful song. But the island is encircled with jagged rocks that destroy […]

James 1:2–12 Abraham faced a difficult journey, rebellious nephew, wandering existence, and hostile environment. Joseph faced a forced servitude, lonely existence, licentious woman, wrongful imprisonment, and godless environment. Naomi faced a terrible famine, foreign land, premature death, and fading hope. David faced a psychotic king, outlawed existence, divided home, rebellious son, and passionate nature. What […]