We guard the things we treasure — and so we ought — because where our treasure is, our heart will be also (Matt 6:21). Typically, our level of watchfulness corresponds to the value we place upon the treasure. Freedom, for example, is deeply treasured by Americans and demonstrated by our willingness to send our […]

  One summer, when I was nine years old, my family was on vacation at the beach. One morning, during that vacation, stands out in my mind as a horrifying experience. My father had left early to play golf with friends when my mother, my siblings, and I heard a knock at the hotel door. […]

  The Importance of Biblical Exegesis in Counseling Diligent Bible study is essential to the practice of biblical counseling. This statement should not be novel or all that enlightening for biblical counselors. We love the Bible and we believe it is necessary for the task of soul care, but we often approach the Bible as […]

  The Non-neutrality of Methods There is a method to the madness — right? Perhaps it should be stated that there is a madness that creates our methods. Methods of counseling are not generated from thin air. In fact, methods are created as a means to acquire or apply knowledge. Historically, psychology has amassed numerous […]

This is Session 2 of Track 2 of BCDC 2016 at Calvary Bible Church. This answers questions 14 & 15 of the ACBC Theology Exam.